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Jilin CIC Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Venture Capital Partnership (Limited partnership)

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 Unit: ten thousand yuan
Fund name
China Investment Fund for transformation of scientific and technological achievements
The amount of capital committed by the sub-fund manager
The name of the manager and the amount of capital contributed
Cic Changchun Venture Capital Fund Management Co., LTD
The amount of equity capital applied for
Total size of the sub-fund
Application for the proportion of equity contribution
Main areas of investment

Mainly invested in the national strategic new industries and the use of high and new technology to upgrade traditional industries and other fields

Investment horizon
    The establishment of this fund is to give play to the leverage role of local financial funds。Establish an investment system guided by financial funds and dominated by social funds, give full play to the leverage role of financial funds, and provide more extensive financing channels for enterprises in the province;Second, innovation in fiscal funds。In addition to the existing financial subsidies, loan discount and other support methods, try to change from pilot support funds to direct investment projects to guide venture capital institutions to evaluate projects, investment projects and management projects according to the market mechanism, and realize the transformation of special financial funds from allocation to investment.。Through the establishment of equity investment funds, the support project and enterprise development are combined, and the post-subsidy is changed into the pre-participation in incubation, cultivating innovative enterprises and promoting the listing of enterprises;The third is to rely on the professional market-oriented operation of CIC Changchun to help the autonomous region build a modern service industry system。Through investment in small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, to achieve the docking of technology and capital。
    The Fund will take high-tech emerging industries as the target to support high-quality smes, promote the interaction of upstream and downstream enterprises and resource matching, cultivate the growth environment of smes, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with the common development of enterprises;At the same time, it will also build a platform for fund management, investment and financing management for enterprises in Jilin Province。