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    "Beijing" sincere, thick "auspicious" thin | Beijing and Kyrgyzstan property rights trading institutions successfully held a cross-regional online project promotion meeting

    日期:2022-01-04 10:11:25  来源: Changchun Financial Holding Group Co., LTD  点击:5806 
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       On December 29, 2021, jointly organized by Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Center (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Property Rights Exchange Co., LTD., the "Beijing" sincere, thick "Ji" thin - Jingji Project Online Promotion Meeting "was successfully held。Beijing and Kyrgyzstan property rights trading institutions joined hands for the first time in the form of warm winter hotline and online live broadcast, bringing together a huge investment force, showing high-quality investment targets, and stimulating the vitality of property rights trading。
         This online promotion meeting aims to form resource aggregation effect, mutual sharing of investor resources, break regional restrictions, and promote regional coordinated and integrated development through the linkage of the two sides。This promotion project covers many fields such as state-owned equity, financial debt, land and factory, cultural tourism and health care, and agricultural breeding, and the target covers Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin, Liaoning, Hainan and other regions。Presentation meeting,Beijing and Jilin property rights trading institutions have launched a series of distinctive quality projects such as Huanglong Food Industry Co., LTD. Equity project, Changying Group Hainan equity project, Tonggang equity project, Xinda FAW commercial factoring equity project, Fusong Cultural Tourism health project, Changchun Shuangyang District Lixin Village investment project,Its common characteristics are strong regional characteristics, strong industrial advantages, large investment value, and more policy support,It can stimulate good economic and social benefits。
        As an important force in the capital markets of Beijing and Jilin and a core institution in the property rights trading market, Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Group and Beijing Property Rights Exchange both have rich project libraries, investor resources and rich business experience。In order to hold this event with high quality, the property rights trading institutions of Beijing and Kyrgyzstan selected the best of many warehousing projects, and finally selected 29 projects for online live roadshow。Good project centralized push, effectively break the investment information asymmetry。Efficient online roadshow, so that the regional barrier becomes zero distance。In order to let the participating investors know more about trading and investment knowledge, the meeting specially invited experienced lawyers to introduce the disposal of state-owned assets and the precautions of special opportunity asset transactions。
          The online promotion will be live broadcast through the live broadcast platform of "Beijing Intersection Investment",As a non-public traffic platform, it relies on vigorous publicity before the meeting of the trading institutions of both sides,It has attracted the active participation of investors and investment institutions from many provinces across the country,The total number of online viewers reached 1,924,The live stream has 6 likes.57万。In the discussion area of the broadcast room, many investors actively interact and consult on the project situation, and the atmosphere is very active。One project with great potential has made many investors shine in front of their eyes。At the same time, Jilin Changchun Property Rights Trading Group has received feedback from many project clients, "The live explanation of the project is very good, and has received the attention of many foreign investors, the first time to contact us for details of the project", and asked whether the property rights platform can hold a special promotion meeting for its organization next year。
         Before and after the live broadcast, 18 professional investors expressed strong interest in many projects in Jilin Province, adding the wechat of the person in charge of the operation, and have the intention to further understand the docking。An investor engaged in the field of special opportunity assets also said that he hoped that such live promotion meetings of property rights institutions could be held frequently, so that investors could have channels to learn more about the projects of institutions。At the same time, Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Group received a number of calls from investors, saying that they hoped to find investment targets such as scrap assets, idle plants, biopharmaceuticals, medical health, advanced manufacturing and automobile plants in Jilin Province through the property rights platform。
         The online live promotion meeting was successfully held and the results achieved exceeded expectations,It has deepened the business cooperation between Beijing and Kyrgyzstan equity exchanges in various fields,It has built a bridge of information exchange for relevant investors in Beijing, Jilin and the whole country,It plays a positive role in promoting investment attraction of state-owned enterprise projects, resolving risks of financial institutions and invigorating assets。
         Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Center (Group) Co., LTD., formerly known as the public institution Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Center, has a development history of 28 years since its establishment. In 2020, it will be transformed into an enterpriseChangchun Financial Holding GroupWholly-owned subsidiary。Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Group is a property rights exchange service organization approved by the People's Government of Jilin Province,It is the only provincial central enterprise state-owned assets trading institution in Jilin Province designated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the provincial SASAC,It is also the core of the province's property rights trading market system and an important part of the regional capital market,In the national property rights industry has a certain industry accumulation。未来,Jilin Changchun Property Rights Exchange Group will further build cooperation channels with wider business areas and wider geographical coverage,With the help of the national Association of property rights trading institutions service platform,We will deepen the cooperation mechanism among national interbank trading institutions,Promote the optimal allocation of regional resources,To revitalize the economy of Jilin,For various types of enterprises in our province to revitalize assets and regional investment, bigger and stronger capital market contribution。

    This promotion will be widely concerned by the media, many media inside and outside the province to report or reprint

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