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    Changchun Financial Holding Group to carry out the "July 1" clean culture theme Party Day activities

    日期:2023-07-01 16:15:32  来源: Changchun Financial Holding Group Co., LTD  点击:1814 
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    To celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and strengthen the construction of a clean culture in the new era, on July 1,Changchun Financial HoldingGroup team members led party members, cadres and employees to visit the Changchun Pear Garden Clean Culture theme park to carry out the theme Party Day activities of "Welcoming the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and Strengthening the construction of clean Culture in the New Era"。

    In the Pear Garden, the flowers and trees are flourishing, and the scenery is good step by step.。A "mirror table" with history as its mirror,The "clean culture" propaganda board showing the contemporary sense of integrity,"Family Style Gallery" engraved with family style and family discipline,The "honest stone pressure boat" bearing the feelings of honest official Lu Ji and loving the people,bell,The "Lotus Pond" that spreads the spirit of integrity...Group employees successively visited more than ten clean cultural landscape,Listen carefully,Fully accept the edification of a clean culture。

    The Party Day activity of the theme of clean culture has brought a spiritual baptism of clean culture to all cadres and staff of the group, and the concept of clean has penetrated into everyone's heart。After the visit, everyone said that in the future work and life, they will always maintain the political character of clean and honest, keep the bottom line, do not step on the red line, always bear in mind the responsibility on their shoulders, always keep a clear mind, do their work steadily, and strive to contribute to the development of the group。

    In the activity, the financial holding Group walking festival was carried out simultaneously。The cadres and staff of the group are vigorous, fully demonstrating the positive spirit and cooperative spirit of the financial holding people, enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of the group, and forming a good team atmosphere。